Royal Quarter (Area G) - City of David

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The stepped wall hillside of area G is the retaining wall of what many archeologists believe to be the "Citadel of Zion" mentioned in King David's conquest of the city (Samuel II 5:9). 

In the middle of the wall, Area G hosts the impressive remains of a First Temple Period aristocrat's home known as "Achiel's House", later destroyed along with the Temple in 586 BCE.  Judean and Babylonian arrowheads that were found at the scene offer a stark reminder of the destruction that befell the residents of this area. 
It was also in this area that archeologists discovered 51 royal seals inscribed in ancient Hebrew, including the seal of Gemaryahu Ben Shafan – the Prophet Jeremiah’s scribe mentioned in the book of Jeremiah 36:10.
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