The Gihon Spring - City of David

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 The Gihon Spring is a carstic spring that originates from an underground cave.  The water’s current once alternated between becoming stronger and then weakening (hence the name “rhythmic spring”).  The name “Gihon” possibly hints to this. The spring hasn’t done so for decades due to changes in the structure of the underground spaces that are associated with it. The spring waters provided drinking water for the city’s residents and its waters were also brought south through the Canaanite Tunnel (referred to as Tunnel 2) to water the agriculture fields in the Kidron River Valley.  King Solomon, the son of King David, was anointed King over Israel by this spring: “…and they mounted Solomon upon King David’s mule, and led him to the Gihon. Zadok the Kohen had taken the horn of oil from the Tent, and he anointed Solomon; they sounded the shofar, and all the people proclaimed, ‘[Long] live King Solomon’”(I Kings, 1: 38-39). The waters from the spring were also used for holy service in the Temple, in the Water Libation Ceremony, for purification and as waters of expiation (mei hatat). 

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There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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