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A Hellenistic-era gold earring, featuring ornamentation of a horned animal, was...

Virtual Tools

Interactive Ancient Jerusalem Map
An interactive map that highlights different parts of Ancient Jerusalem.
Interactive Jerusalem Panoramic View
“Jerusalem, mountains surround it”- From the rooftop of the “Overlook” in the City of David, one can reflect upon Jerusalem’s landscape as it has developed over the years
Jerusalem 3D Movie
A 3D movie about the history of Ancient Jerusalem and specifically the City of David, is screened in an impressive hall built in the style of a fancy guest house
Interactive Jerusalem Virtual Tour
Enjoy an Interactive Virtual Jerusalem Tour, learning about all the different points in the City of David
City of David Time Line
The City of David timeline maps historical developments that took place in the city during various periods, based on sources and archaeological finds.
There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
Brown family, USA
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