The Blue Stone Trail – Hasmonean Aqueduct

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The Hasmonean Aqueduct is closed until further notice

Join us for a fascinating guided tour that includes panoramic views of ancient Jerusalem from a number of strategic vantage points aboveground while following the water that once flowed to Jerusalem through the remnants of the Lower Aqueduct deep beneath the ground.

The new Blue Stone Trail, named for the 28 blue tiles spread along the route, was created through a cooperative effort by the City of David Foundation, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israel Antiquities Authority. The project, recently inaugurated on the Armon Hanatziv promenade in Jerusalem, uses spectacular paintings and artwork, as well as original songs, to trace the story of how water flowed to Jerusalem in ancient times.

 (The walk is in the aqueduct without water)

The project is presented in partnership with the City of David and the Jerusalem Municipality.

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Credit: Eliahu Yannai


 For additional information and to a make a telephone reservation, call the Reservation Center:




Tour Track 
Start Point:
Haas Promenade parking lot
End Point:
Haas Promenade parking lot
Essential Information 
  • There is a sukkah on site for your convenience
  • Tours available in Hebrew only.
  • The aqueduct no longer contains water. 
  • Not recommended individuals who suffer from claustrophobia.
  • Babies can be carried in a front carrier only. 
  • One may not bring a stroller on the tour. 
  • Flashlights are needed. They can be purchased onsite. 
  • The aqueduct narrows to 30cm at a point along the way.

For additional information and to a make a telephone reservation, call the Reservation Center:




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Guided Tour- Following the Water to Jerusalem (Hasmonean Aqueduct)



Free tour for people who took City Of David's tours (except Hallelujah) Free Free


Opening Hours 
For opening hours, please call the Reservation Center:
Tour Length: ~1½ hours
Meeting Place: Haas Promenade parking lot

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There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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