Malchizedek meets Abram

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Period of the Forefathers
Genesis 14:14-20

And when Abram heard that his kinsman was taken captive, he armed his disciples who had been born in his house- three hundred and eighteen—and he pursued them as far as Dan. And he with his servants deployed against them at night and struck them; he pursued them as far as Hobah which is to the north of Damascus. He brought back all the possessions; he also brought back his kinsman, Lot, with his possessions, as well as the women and the people. The king of Sodom went out to meet him after his return from defeating Chedarlaomer and the kings that were with him, to the Valley of Shaveh which is the king’s valley.  But Malchizedek, king of Salem, brought out bread and wine; he was a priest of God, the Most High.  He blessed him saying: “Blessed is Abram of God, the Most High, Maker of heaven and earth; and blessed be the God, the Most High, Who has delivered your foes into your hand”; and he gave him a tenth of everything.

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