Forgiveness & Atonement for Groups

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Join us on a Nighttime Selichot Tour of Jerusalem
The tour will be offered on the following dates:
  • August 25th- August 29th / 19th -23rd of Elul
  • September 1st-September 3rd / 26th-28 of Elul
  • During the Ten Days of Repentance: September 8th- September 12th/ 4th- 8th of Tishrei
Our tour of both the Old City and the Ancient City of Jerusalem begins at the Jaffa Gate.  Music interludes and education elements blend together for a pleasant and enlightening experience where we will learn about the motif of selichot and its place in Jewish tradition. 
From the Jaffa Gate we will walk past Mount Zion to the place where Jerusalem was born- the City of David. We will  begin with a breathtaking view from our “Beit Hatzofeh” lookout point which emphasizes the unique, low position of the Biblical City of David in comparison with Jerusalem’s Old City walls. Next up is the ancient Royal Acropolis (Area G), where a new artistic light show is projected on the antiquities, telling the story of the City of David through movement and sound. We will continue through the new excavations in the ancient valley to the impressive Herodian Road and Herodian Channel  which brings us to the foot of the Temple Mount-beneath the ground.  You will have an opportunity to touch the ancient stones of the Western Wall deep underground.  
The tour concludes at the Western Wall Plaza where Selichot services are held beginning at midnight. 
  • Tour Length:  Approximately 3 hours. 
  • The tour package includes entrance fee, a guide, musicians, and the light show at the Royal Acropolis in the City of David. 
  • Cost: 58 NIS per person (Agents: 48 NIS net cost)
  • The tour is for pre-organized groups only between the hours of 8pm and 12am. 
For further information and reservations dial *6033 or 02-6268700
Forgiveness & Atonement
  • Forgiveness & Atonement

    Forgiveness & Atonement

  • The Herodian Water Channel

    The Herodian Water Channel

There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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