Escape Game in Chanukah

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This Chanukah 2018, you are invited to the virtual Escape Room game to experience Biblical events through virtual reality.

Would you like to help Joseph free himself from the pit? Are you prepared to lend a hand to King Hezekiah in building the city walls of Jerusalem? No problem! Put on the virtual headset and enter the world of Biblical heroes. In addition, embark on an exciting virtual roller coaster ride, in a challenging and fun game for the entire family.

The purchase of a ticket either for the Archeological Park – Davidson Center (29 NIS per adult; 15 NIS per child) or for the Lantern Tour or the Ancient Jerusalem Heritage Tour allows you to participate in the “Escape Room on Chanukah” at no additional cost. And if that's not enough, for the same price you can participate in the many activities going on at the Davidson Archeological Park adjacent to the Western Wall – including: visiting the Davidson Museum, which displays numerous artifacts found in the area, joining the “Ancient Jerusalem Heritage Tour” that allows you to stand under the remnants of Robinson’s Arch – the oldest overpass in the world, and visit the remnants of the stores that were situated on the side of the road, while you also view the ancient Mikvaot (ritual baths) which served to ritually purify those who were on their way to the Temple. You will also be able to walk on the wide steps built by King Herod leading to the Temple area, to view the remnants of the palaces compounds, to visit the remaining exquisite Byzantine rooms and to walk atop of the Ottoman walls which overlook the entire area.       

These special activities are taking place during Chanukah from Tuesday, December 4 thru Thursday, December 6.

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There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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