City of David - Passover 2021

In the framework of the Ministry of Health guidelines and for the sake of your health, these are the guidelines for visiting in accordance with the Purple Tag.

Photo by: Eliyahu Yanai


Missed the live lecture? You can still learn all about the incredible architectural achievements of the Second Temple Period in Jerusalem. Just click on the recorded presentation.

Kidron Valley in Red

Escape Game in Chanukah

This Chanukah 2018, you are invited to the virtual Escape Room game to experience Biblical events through virtual reality.

Would you like to help Joseph free himself from the pit? Are you prepared to lend a hand to King Hezekiah in building the city walls of Jerusalem? No problem! Put on the virtual headset and enter the world of Biblical heroes. In addition, embark on an exciting virtual roller coaster ride, in a challenging and fun game for the entire family.

Enjoy three weeks of treasures

In the Emek Tzurim sifting project!

you are invited to uncover the treasures from Where it all began - the City of David, Ancient Jerusalem. Experience archeological discovery in Emek Tzurim where the hidden treasures of excavations in Jerusalem are waiting for you to discover. An enriching family activity for all ages!

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Uncover Buried Treasure: Hanukkah 2016 in Emek Tzurim

When was the last time you discovered an ancient coin or an arrowhead from the Crusader period?
Be an archaeologist for a day and participate in a fascinating project that is saving artifacts from the Temple Mount. 
Over the years, participants of the sifting project have uncovered thousands of ancient coins, bullae (seal impress

Hamshushalayim 2014

Please Note: The Hamshushalayim events are currently in Hebrew only. 

How is a story born? 

A New Performance: The Origins of the Written Word in the Book of All Books
Kings, prophets and poets put their words on paper, which were subsequently incorporated into the Book of all Books- the Bible.

"Hamshushalaim" Festival at the City of David

The Hamshushalaim Festival at the City of David will take place on Thursdays 11/28| 12/5| 12/12| 12/19

Theatrical Tour – The Third Side of the Coin

The City of David, in conjunction with Makom Theater, presents: “The Third Side of the Coin” – a theater in motion at the City of David.
“We continue to roam with our time machine through the amusement park of Jerusalem.
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There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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