Bar Mitzvah experience at the City of David

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Is your son becoming a Bar Mitzvah? Mazal tov!

There is no better place to celebrate this incredible milestone than the place where Jerusalem began.

The City of David National Park offers a unique Bar Mitzvah experience complete with a musical procession from the Western Wall, a reception in the King's Garden and a private tour for the whole family.  
The tour includes a magnificent panoramic view of the ancient capital and a journey through the archaeological remnants of Jewish history in Jerusalem.
The tour is available in a variety of languages and is suitable for people of all ages.

If you are looking for a meaningful experience for your whole family to experience Jerusalem in an exciting and fascinating way, you are invited to take part in the place where it all began.

Photo by: Koby Harati, Eliyahi Yanai








Touring ancient Jerusalem was an amazing experience for the entire family
Weiss family, Israel
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