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The Golden Bell - An Ancient Lesson in Good Manners
How one of the most significant archaeological finds is teaching us a lesson in modern day decency and decorum
The Rise of David's Fallen Sukkah
What does it mean that the Fallen Sukkah of David will rise again? And how is it connected to what is currently happening in the City of David?
The Strength of Concealment
Something monumental happened in the City of David, 3000 years ago on Rosh Hashana. And something monumetal is happening right now...
The ELUL Encounter
ELUL's acrostic abbreviation stands for Ani l'Dodi v'Dodi Li. ELUL lends a special window period to override palace protocol. A bird's-eye of the City of David helps you putting the puzzle pieces together.
Breaking the Barriers
The dismantling of the the barriers that kept Israel from ascending to Jerusalem and why it is still a pivotal responsiblity in breaking your own personal barriers today
When Mourning comes Full Circle
Ancient Jerusalem is finally sharing her story of the dire days during the Destruction; ash layers, arrow heads, a roman sword. But the most chilling evidence lies beneath the Pilgrm Road...
From Fasts to Feasts
Zechariah tells us that the times of distress commemorated during the fasts will eventually turn into feasts. Ancient Jerusalem hints that the shift might have started already
Hezekiah's holy heaps
The mysterious "things" that helped save Jerusalem
What to do in Jerusalem
Start at the beginning, where it all began. The City of David, site of ancient, Biblical Jerusalem awaits.
In Search of King Solomon’s Treasures | Shahar Shilo
Our story takes place at the beginning of the twentieth century in the land of Israel. In the year 1909, a young British captain arrived in Israel shortly after being released...
There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
Brown family, USA
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