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    Royal Findings in 360

    Exclusive – Revealed for the first time virtually – the artifacts that were discovered from the Dynasty of King David in Jerusalem.
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    Latest videos from the City...

    The story of the City of David began over 3,000 years ago, when King David left the city of Hebron for a small hilltop city known as Jerusalem, establishing it as the unified capital of the tribes of Israel. Years later, David's son, King Solomon, built the First Temple next to the City of David on top of Mount Moriah, the site of the binding of Isaac, and with it, this hilltop became one of the most important sites in the world.
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    Journey Back in Time to the...

    A spectacular tour through the City of David's most incredible archeological discoveries.
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    Discover the City of David –...

    Exclusive tours and behind-the-scenes visits into ongoing excavations!
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    In-Depth Exploration of...

    Close your eyes and travel back in time into the secrets, legends, mystery and magic of ancient Jerusalem.
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    Uncover Ancient Artifacts

    The facts, legends and history behind the findings discovered in the City of David
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    Kids’ Adventure in the City...

    Videos, Activities and Puzzles for Kids
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  • מקראית קיץ צד לראשי נכון

    Biblical City of David Tour

    A magical, captivating tour awaits you underground. Come uncover the secrets of ancient Jerusalem and dive into the world of kings and prophets.
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    The City of David reveals the story of ancient Jerusalem’s revival projected onto the antiquities where the story occurred and using one-of-a-kind video mapping technology for a unique and inspiring experience – all under the stars!
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  • עמק צורים 2018 קיץ צד לראשי אנגלית

    The Archaeological Experience

    Have you ever discovered a real treasure? At the Emek Zurim Sifting Project, every child can be an archaeologist and find ancient artifacts on their own! Dozens of valuable artifacts have already been uncovered by visitors: a crusader arrowhead, ancient coins, rare jewelry and more! Perhaps the next treasure is waiting for your visit?
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Tours and attractions in Ancient Jerusalem


City of David VR
Bringing The City of David to Life
A Rare Bronze Oil Lamp Shaped Like Half a Face
The First Discovery of its Kind in Jerusalem and One of the Few in the World:
Hasmonean-Era Oil Lamp Discovered in the City of David
A simple oil lamp, approximately 2000-years-old, discovered at the City of David

Conferences and Events

City of David - Passover 2021
Journey through the underground tunnels through which the city was...
There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
Brown family, USA
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